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The Columbia Republicans have chosen to link organizations that we support and play a part in our mission and movement. We have linked political organizations and news sources on this page. If you would like information on think tanks and other resources, check out the main page.

Politcal Organizations

The New York Federation of College Republicans

Chairman - Paul Cuesta; Co-chairman - Paulo Cuelho

The New York Federation of College Republicans is an organization that oversees CUCR and all College Republican groups in New York State. With the help of the Federation, CUCR is able to gain contacts, speakers, internship opportunities, events, and invites to mixers. The Federation will play a critical role in the growth of CUCR from this point on. They have planned events with CUCR that will promote our message and make our club the crown jewel of all College Republican groups in the United States. If you are interested in getting involved with the state level, please email the President of CUCR at Not only is Ari the President of CUCR, but also he is the Public Relations Director for the Federation.

College Republican National Committee

Chairman - Chandler Thornton

The College Republican National Committee is the lead executive organization over all College Republican groups and State Federations. With their leadership and assistance, many events wouldn't be able to occur in each of the different states. Every year the CRNC holds biannual events that allow each federation to vote and propose new rules and bylaws.

New York Young Republicans

President - Samantha McNeilly

The New York Young Republicans is a group that is for recent graduates and young professional that want to play a role within the party and lead the party one day. Many of our alumni have joined the YRs while holding a job or attending a graduate program. If you are interested in getting involved with the group, please contact the President and he will introduce you to the club. Also, check out their Facebook page for more information revolving meet ups and events. 

The New York Republican State Committee

Chairman - Ed Cox

The New York State GOP is the leading organization that promotes Republican and Conservative candidates and values in the State of New York. They play a major role in supporting the Federation of College Republicans and their chapters. We look forward to working with them and bringing their members to our campus to speak and educate.

Columbia Political Union

President - Shreya Sunderram

The Columbia Political Union is an umbrella organization that contains all of the political groups on campus such as the Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, and Roosevelt. Their mission is to support all political events and hold debates among the groups. They are a non-partisan organization although their board members and club representatives are part of a party. CUCR currently holds a board representative position on CPU and will vote according to the group's beliefs. 

Student Governing Board

President - Yona Kronsgold

As stated on the Student Governing Board's website, "The SGB represents and serves the needs of Columbia University student organizations whose concerns are religious, spiritual, political, ideological, humanitarian or activist in nature." The group plays a critical role in the promotion of events and upholding freedom of speech on campus. In addition, the organization funds organizations like CUCR and help with funding security needs of all the groups that they control. We work closely with SGB on certain events.

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News Sources

The Drudge Report

Miami, FL

With first breaking the news regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Matt Drudge created a website that has become the number one place for Conservatives and Republicans to consume the news and 2nd most visited website. While the layout looks outdated, the Drudge Report has played an important role in politics especially with the Trump Presidency. CUCR believes that the Drudge Report is one of the most influential websites on the internet and does provide its readers with accurate information.

Fox News

New York, NY

Fox News currently stands as the leading cable TV Network even though its message conveys to those that are on the right of center. With hosts, such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, and many others, the network has done an excellent job with covering the news and informing its audience about the issues facing the United States today. With Columbia located in NYC, CUCR has had opportunities to participate in interviews, panels, and studio visits with Fox News. We look forward to working with Fox News and we will inform you when we appear on the Network.

The Wall Street Journal

Washington, D.C.

The Wall Street Journal is a right of center newspaper in the United States, which excels in the economic and logic based articles. The WSJ provides in-depth analyses and commentary regarding breaking news stories and future developments. We believe that the WSJ is one of the best newspapers for conservative and free-market capitalists. If you are interested in signing up for the magazine, Columbia does provide some sort of discount or method to view their material online for its students. Please click the link for more information.


Washington, D.C.

The Hill is a center right newspaper that is located in Washington D.C.. The paper covers news, policy, and opinion. The Hill is known for its coverage American and geo-politics. CUCR believes that it is one of the best papers in the marketplace right now.

The Daily Caller

Washington, D.C.

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, founded the Daily Caller back in 2010. It is a conservative newspaper that covers a wide variety of topics, but it focuses mainly on politics. Some people believe that it say that is the HuffPo, but on the right. CUCR has a few connections with the Daily Caller and we use them to get our news.

Campus Reform

Washington, D.C.

Campus Reform is a newspaper solely focused on liberal bias and free speech restrictions in higher education. The Campus Reform has strong ties to the Leadership Institute, but many students at the different universities and colleges write for the newspaper. We strongly support their work and ability to fight for freedom of speech on campus.If you would like to join campus reform, please email the President, He would be happy to put you in touch.

The Conservative Review

New York, NY

Although The Conservative Review negatively wrote against Trump in the Primary and the General Race, it still stands as one of the leading conservative websites on the internet. It was originally started by the great William Buckley who was an influential figure within Conservative movement. His beliefs are still ever present in the articles that we see today. In the past, CUCR has hosted the Editor and Chief, Rich Lowry, which gave us better insight into the newspaper and their morals. 

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