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CUCR Hosts Bill Kristol

From the Blue and White


"'The Republican tradition is a good one. It deserves to move forward,' Kristol said, turning to 2020. He expressed concern about Trumpism’s lasting impact on American institutions, but he was enthusiastic about the GOP’s potential to cleanse their collective palette of pumpkin-tinted poison and enter the new decade afresh."

Heather Mac Donald advocates for Core Curriculum, challenges identity politics at CUCR event

Read the Columbia Spectator recap of our event with Heather Mac Donald in Fall 2018. 

Jimmy Kemp calls for political unity at CUCR event

Read about our Jimmy Kemp event

Campus Reform editor Lawrence Jones rails against political correctness at CUCR event

Read about our first speakers series event of the 2018-2019 academic year at the Columbia Spectator.

Roll Over, Mark Rudd: College Republicans Converting Columbia

From the New York Observer:

"Since 2002, the College Republicans at Columbia have rocketed from less than 50 members to nearly 400 undergrads, law students and M.B.A.’s. More than 100 Columbia students are now volunteering at the Republican National Convention. When the student body returns to campus next week, the College Republicans will distribute 1,000 copies of The Citade l, Columbia’s first-ever campus-wide Conservative newspaper, which they hope will be a vocal counterweight to the more liberal minded Columbia Spectator . And the Conservative Club-a student group that swings further to the right-also witnessed impressive growth last year, adding 12 new members. They now stand at 50."

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