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On this page, we will post all the upcoming events and news regarding the club. Please make sure to check this page regularly. 

CUCR officially announces that Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla are coming to Columbia

July 27, 2017

With Adam Carolla testifying before a House committee hearing, we are glad to announce that we are hosting Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla at Columbia University in the fall. They will filming their new movie No Safe Spaces, which will debut in 2018. This event will be co-sponsored by the New York Federation of College Republicans. As a result, we will have tickets for College Republicans from NYC chapters, but we will release this information later. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions regarding the event.

CUCR is accepting Deputy Applications

July 17, 2017

At this moment, we are now accepting deputy applications for this next calendar school year. We have done a total redesign of the program and its expectations. If you are interested in getting more involved with the club, please click the button. It will give you more information regarding the process and the deputy position.

Launching the new website

July 13, 2017

CUCR has officially launched its new website with the help of a few members. Please feel free to go through the website to find more about the club and its activities. We will post internship opportunities and events. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

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