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Internships are the best opportunity for students to get involved and help them reach the next part of their career. Our job is to provide students with the resources to achieve their goals as it relates to politics and helping grow the conservative movement and ideals. We have put a list of organizations and programs that gives students these opportunities. We will list programs that are mainly in D.C. due to the nature of opportunities that are available there. We will post more opportunities as the year prolongs.

Charles Koch Institute

The Charles Koch Institute is one of the leading programs in D.C. for conservative and free market like minded individuals. The have two programs that differ in length, but have great opportunities. This program allows students to work at think-tank like Heritage while receiving an education from the Institute. Students will be able to work four times a week and receive a nice stipend as well. We highly recommend this program especially for our members.

The American Enterprise Institute

The American Enterprise Institute is a think tank that specializes in free market capitalism. It is a great organization for those students interested in those beliefs. At Columbia, there is a AEI Executive Council, which hosts events, but they also have programs for students in the summer. The have a summer honors program that we would definitely recommend to our students.

Leadership Institute

"The Leadership Institute offers classes to train liberty-minded young professionals in everything from digital marketing, to fundraising and activism" as stated on their website. It is a great internship opportunity that also provides students with the skills that are needed to make a change in your community. We have a personal connection with the Leadership Institute and would be happy to connect you with their representatives. Please check out their website for more information. 

America's Future Foundation

AFF is a network of liberty-minded young professionals. They offer educational and networking events, a job board, and fellowships. They have a myriad of opportunities with helping you connect with organizations in D.C.. Please check out their website to learn more about the organization.

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