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Past General Body Meetings

General Body Meetings aim to bring together the club membership to discuss current topics in politics and national affairs. We welcome students of all political perspectives to attend and contribute to the conversation. Students do not need to be part of Columbia Republicans -or even be Republicans!- to attend. 

We encourage students with differing viewpoints to attend!


We hope to see you at our next GBM!


We Don't Need the ERA

April 2020

We hosted our first virtual GBM and discussed the Equal Rig


Anti-Semitism on Campus

February 2020

We discussed the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses and across New York.

lerner 703.jpg

Political Career Panel

December 2019

We hosted a panel of students who are experienced with working on the hill and getting political jobs.


Du(d)e Process: Justice Kavanaugh's path to Scotus

September 2019

We talking about Brett Kavanaugh as a new book revives the debate surrounding his confirmation to the Supreme Court. We will also introduce the incoming deputy board team.

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Cash Bail Reform

February 2020

We discussed the cash bail reform enacted by the New York legislature.

Copy of sure, have your little primary.j

Pointless Primaries

February 2020

We talked about the (pointless) Democratic Primaries.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 5.50.52 PM.png

The Epstein Conspiracy

November 2019

We discussed the reactions and controversy surrounding the death of Jefferey Epstein. We analyzed why this conspiracy has gained such momentum among both sides of the aisle and, stepping back, why the immense power and privilege held by Epstein lead to the coverup of his heinous crimes.

New York Electoral Trends.png

A Sign of the "Changing": Developments in New York Electoral Trends

February 2020

We talked about how New York Electoral trends have changed throughout the years!

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Gun Control and the Virginia Rally

January 2020

We discussed the ongoing conversation around gun control. We also talked about the Virginia Rally and the controversy surrounding it.

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Should We Impeach Trump?

October 2019

In our second General Body Meeting of the year, we discussed the pending impeachment charges against President Donald J. Trump. 

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