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The Columbia Republicans have hosted many different types of events over the years. Here is an overview of what to expect from the club. Please note that all events are CUID only.


Every year, the College Republicans bring speakers to campus that challenge the campus atmosphere and promote conservative values. We have hosted many influential speakers in the past such as Dinesh D'Souza, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Jim Gilchrist, and many more. This year we plan to bring more speakers and to have a speaker for almost each week. We want to make the most of our general body meetings and we hope that you join us for them. 

9/11 Flags

September 04, 2017

On every on September 11, CUCR plants flags on college walk to commemorate those who died on this tragic day. We hope to remember those by planting flags and creating a temporary memorial. They will forever be part of our lives and collective memory.

Veterans Day Panel

November 11, 2017

Every year, CUCR and all of the other political clubs host the Veterans Day Panel on November 11. It is the one cause that brings all ideologies together because without these brave young men and women, America would be free and we wouldn't be able to enjoy our unalienable rights. We highly recommend that all students attend this event because we host a member of each branch of the military. It is one of the most fun  and informative nights of our club.


February 15, 2018

Every year, CUCR has a tradition of bringing students to the Conservative Political Action Conference. At the conference, the organizers bring the biggest names in the conservative movement and politicians. Last year, Trump and a few others made an appearance. This year we are going to be going with the New York Federation of College Republicans. We will provide more details about travel, but click on the photo if you want more information about CPAC.

2nd Amendment Party

With the success of the last shooting event and taking advantage of every right in the constitution, CUCR will now hold shooting opportunities for our members. As a club, we will go to either an indoor or outdoor shooting range outside of New York City. We will invite members that have a good standing with the club and will act in a safe manner with a fire arm. We don't take responsibility for any accidents and will disinvite any students if they fail to comply to the rules of the shooting range. This event is a popular among the members and spaces will go fast.

Ronald Reagan Birthday Bash

February 06, 2020

Every year, we host a Ronald Reagan birthday party. As Republicans, we believe that Ronald Reagan represents the best of what is to offer to the American people. Not only was Ronald Reagan a great man, he was an incredible leader that stirred America in the right direction. He defeated the Soviet Union and led us to economic prosperity that was felt by all Americas. His is our hero and a patriot, so please come have some fun with us on February 6th. We will also have the cut out of Ronald Reagan present as well.

Debate and Election Watch Parties

With an election year on hand or upon us, our club will host election and debate watch parties for our members and other students who are interested in politics. These events are some of the best ways to meet other students of the other political clubs and share camaraderie with your fellow classmates. Our club usually co-sponsors our watch party with other groups such as the Dems and Roosevelt. As always, food and drinks will be provided, so please come and watch the event with us.

Participate in Debates

Through the Columbia Political Union, CUCR attends CPU's annual debates. CUCR along with many other political clubs discuss issues that are relevant and interesting such as freedom of speech and prison policy. We as a club have been very successful in presenting our conservative and republican values to the other sides. Although we may not win every debate, we still are able to convince the audience that these values are self-evident and stand the test of time. Please come and see us debate against the other politcal clubs. 

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