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Executive Board

The College Republicans at Columbia is comprised of an Executive Board of eleven individual members.

The Executive Board for the 2017-2018 Academic Year is as follows:

Aristotle Boosalis

President - CC'19

Ari is a junior studying Financial Economics and is the secretary of the Columbia Cycling Team. He currently holds the position of Director of Public Relations and Events for the New York Federation of College Republicans. Ari is originally from Marin County, but he claims to be from San Francisco. He is a passionate and determined leader that will bring any speaker to campus as long they are on the right side of the aisle. This year he will be inviting speakers such as Dennis Prager, Mike Cernovich, Jack Abramoff, and a few others; by bringing these thought leaders to Columbia, he hopes to change the campus narrative. As president, he will promote conservative and republican values on campus no matter the consequences. In addition, he hopes to make CUCR Great Again and make CUCR be known to the campus community.


Executive Director - GS'19

Trevor Morgane

Treasurer -CC'20

"I continue to believe that the liberal campus consensus on identity, economics, government ect. is sustained by by mimetic rivalry. By all believing the consensus ideas, students on campus are inoculated against so called "hateful" other ideas. On Columbia's own campus, programs like Under-One-Roof serve the explicit purpose of indoctrinating new students. My purpose in helping CUCR is to provide a platform for contrarian thinking across the political spectrum. For these reasons, CUCR will continue to host speakers and events which challenge consensus beliefs."

Maggie O'neill

Director of Communications - CC'19

Joey Seigel

Director of Operations - CC'20

Having narrowly escaped Democrat-controlled Hartford, Connecticut, America’s Fourth Most Dangerous Small City­TM,  Joey now studies a combination of philosophy and economics (still in a Democrat-controlled city, to his chagrin). He upholds the virtues of liberal government, especially with regards to markets and self-defense, not only on practical grounds but, more importantly, on ethical grounds. In this way, he believes that American conservative values could one day achieve more serious consideration in the minds of many would-be campus conservatives provided that organizations like CUCR continue to resolutely expound such values. In his spare time Joey is the only right-wing jazz musician ever.

Marisa Sylvester

Director of Public Relations - CC'20

Marisa is a sophomore with an undeclared major who hopes to eventually attend law school. She is the rarest kind of Republican: the kind born and raised in Vermont, and thus hates being asked if she feels the Bern. As a Vermonter, Marisa is used to being in the political minority and is committed to her conservative values even when challenged by many. She is an alumna of the United States Senate Youth Program. She enjoys baking and spending time with her dog and can be found on campus crying in Butler or enjoying John Jay brunch.

Lindsey Mendelson

Creative Director - CC'18

Lindsey is a senior from Miami, Florida studying Political Science and Business Management. She is a member of the Women’s Tennis Team, and Vice President of the Student Athlete Advisory Council. She is empowered to create a better political environment for students of the political minority to share their ideas. As creative director, she hopes to encourage and foster conservative sentiments by constant updates on social media.

Morgan Raum

Social Director - BC'19

Morgan is a junior studying Political Science and Judaic Studies. She has her own custom sneakers business, and thus spends a majority of her time inhaling Sharpie fumes. Morgan is a born and raised New Yorker, so it’s best NOT to tell her you’re from NYC if you actually hail from Westchester…or New Jersey. She was President of NYU Students for Rand Paul before transferring alllll the way uptown to Barnard, where she became President of Columbia/Barnard Youth for Gary Johnson and organized a Group Cry for the State of American Politics on Low Steps. Now Morgan wants to plan parties and make friends so she’s decided to take on the role of social director for CUCR while simultaneously fighting for Students Supporting Israel and managing the money stash for the College Libertarians.


Director of Intergroup Affairs - GS'20

Andrey Nikolaev

Director of Alumni Relations and Historian - CC'20

Andrey is an undeclared sophomore who was born and raised in Moscow before studying in England through middle and high school. He looks forward to strengthening the already-strong connection between Russians and the Republican Party and will help bring speakers onto campus that will appeal to moderates who are put off by some aspects of the current campus culture. As Director of Alumni Relations, he will support the principle of free speech on campus and the right of any club to invite whomever they please to speak.

Chris Bolton

Director of Publication - CC'19

Chris Bolton is a junior from Richmond, VA studying Mathematics and Economics. A seasoned veteran of the Info Wars, he is committed to spreading the fire of human liberty and empowering people of all races, colors, and creeds to snap out of their self-imposed, drug-induced hypnosis. He is an active member of Columbia Christian Union, the Veritas Forum, and Columbia Right to Life; he is also an ISI Honors Scholar. He continues to host discussion groups and participate in debates on campus with one goal in mind: BREAKING THE CONDITIONING!

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