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About our club

Columbia Republicans is a political organization dedicated to promoting conservative principles at one of the most liberal institutions in America. Our mission is to promote Republican and conservative perspectives on Columbia's campus and to return to the values and virtues of the founding fathers. We strive to make our students aware of the benefits that economic and civil liberties can bring to regional, national and international development. We meet on a weekly basis throughout the school year at convenient locations on campus and invite guest speakers who promote our values and shared beliefs. Membership in Columbia Republicans is open to any student at Columbia.


While our club often works with outside organizations on and off campus to bring speakers to Columbia, we are neither subordinate to nor a chapter of any outside organization. When individual members of our club choose to associate with outside organizations, they do so in their personal capacities. The involvement of any of our members in a different organization does not imply endorsement of that organization by Columbia Republicans. The only events that we endorse and associate ourselves with are the ones that we advertise on our website and social media. Other events on campus have no link to Columbia Republicans, and should be regarded as separate from our efforts.


Columbia Republicans hosts a wide variety of conservative speakers with the goal of encouraging conversation about political issues on campus. The club does not endorse the view of any speaker that it invites. Instead, we hope to engage our classmates in productive political discussions. During the 2018-2019 academic year we hosted Heather Mac Donald, Bill Kristol, and Rich Lowry, among others. 

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